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After the success of the Subsurface PTFE and Aluminium bobbins we've introduced a new fully bespoke Walnut version. Deep chocolate in colour with a distinctive grain, and being a hard, weighty and resilient wood it is the perfect material for a unique, original bobbin.


Lighter than usual bobbins, they are perfect for slack line fishing or combining with add on weights for range work. Each bobbin head comes with two small rubber o-rings to ensure perfect alignment and tightness with your hanger chain and clip. 


The Kits include Stainless Steel ball clip, Black stainless steel chain, and Black stainless steel hockey stick.


Available in three sizes, and weights;

SMALL WALNUT 1g – 13mm x 24mm

MEDIUM WALNUT 3g – 13mm x 32mm

LARGE WALNUT 5g - 18mm x 32mm


M5 thread will fit ALL chains and clips with the use of the o-rings provided. Neville and female thread systems will requite the M5 to 2BA adaptor.


*Please note, price is for one bobbin, not a set of 2 or 3

*Please also note, these are all completely unique individual products and will show some slight variation in colour