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This option is only available for the following reels:

Daiwa SS3000

Daiwa TS5000BE

Daiwa Infinity

Daiwa Basia 45 QDA

Daiwa Basia DCR1/DCR5/DCR6

Daiwa Basia 45 SLD QD

Daiwa Emblem 45 SCW QD OT

Daiwa Tournament Basia 45 SCW QD

Daiwa Tournament T-S5000T

Daiwa Tournament T-S6000T


All other reels are listed in our full self fit handle section.


Now you can fit your handle conversion at home - no longer requiring you to send your handles in for modification, simply fit yourself.


Choose from a wide range of handles: Ebony, Walnut, Rosewood, Carbon Fibre with black ends, Carbon Fibre with stainless steel, Carbon Fibre with coloured ends or Aluminium.

(Wood grains can vary from images)

Items are sold individually.


Fitting instructions

1. 10mm Spanner or small adjustable lock the collar

2. Unscrew handle

3. Screw replacement handle on


Handle section only supplied, no reel or collar.