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Laser engraved self fit handles - these handles can be engraved with any text, logo or image of your choice. There are four materials to choose from: Aero grade Black anodised aluminium, Rosewood, cork, walnut or carbon handles with anodised ends. (please note carbon handles are engraved on the ends as per the pictures)

Select from text type or image, if you would like an image please send an email to with the image included. 


Now you can fit your handle conversion at home - no longer requiring you to send your handles in for modification, simply fit yourself. All our handles incorporate bearings and bushes from your current handle.

Items are sold individually.


Fitting instructions:

1. Remove silver plastic cap

2. Unscrew handle

3. Remove handle and bushes/bearings

4. Place bottom bearing/bush over spigot

5. Slide collar over bearing/bush

6. Place top bearing/bush in collar

7. Replace retaining screw

8. Wind on new handle


Fitting Tutorial:

Custom engraved handles are non-refundable.